Bring on the Photo Sharing

Photo sharing can be as simple as snapping a photo with your phone and publishing it to a photo sharing site such as Instagram. Many photo sharing sites allow users to “like” and comment on photos that have been publicly published. I used my smart phone to capture the following image, then I used Instagram to edit and publish it.

Binx the cat

Photo sharing is great for marketing. Photos are an easy way to showcase a product and influence buyers moods. Images can generate a lot of hype when published on photo sharing sites, and hype tends to lead to sales. The cost of photo sharing is very low and it can bring in high traffic volumes to your companies website.

A great example of using photos for marketing is Bold Pizzeria Kamloops. They are constantly updating their social media with pictures of menu items, staff, and promotions. Everyday they upload a new picture and it really brings in the customers (me included!).

Bold Pizzeria Kamloops Promo

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