What is Microblogging?

Microblogging is making short frequent posts to a microblog such as Twitter or Tumblr. The difference between blogging and microblogging is the length of the post. Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters when writing a post including hashtags and punctuation.

Microblogs are a great way for business to quickly share short pieces of information with consumers. Microblogs can also be used to engage and participate in conversations with customers. Using microblogs can benefit your company’s search engine optimization, as well as, bring traffic to your company’s website. Microblogging is an inexpensive way to receive feed back and respond to comments about your brand or company.

HUTvCXbl_400x400Digiorno‘s twitter page is a great example of microblogging. They create fun and entertaining posts daily. They also have a link to their official webpage as part of the company’s bio. With over 105,000 followers  Digiorno uses it’s twitter page to communicate to consumers and respond to questions. They also use polls to receive feedback. Check out their page at:  https://twitter.com/DiGiornoPizza?lang=en

tumblr_nx2khorutp1r49l3lo1_1280Another example is Coca-Cola on Tumblr. Coca-cola’s bio has links to the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and website. Coca-Cola uses Tumblr to interact with young consumers in ways that they enjoy, for example, the GIF to the right was recently posted on Coca-Cola’s Tumblr page. You can take a look at Coca-Cola’s Tumblr page and see the fun for yourself: http://coca-cola.tumblr.com/



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